Client spotlight: Daphne the Chi/terrier mix

Daphne is always smiling at our training sessions!
Daphne is always smiling at our training sessions!

Congratulations to our July client spotlight, Daphne the Chihuahua/terrier mix!

Daphne is a very special girl who is a total delight! She is also very lucky; her parents are very proactive in their care for her. At nine years of age, Miss Daphne is still a spunky, smiling girl who is ready for fun. She’s been picking up on clicker training fast! She’s proof in the pudding that old–ahem, mature–dogs can learn new tricks.

Another consideration Daphne has is that she is going blind; she has progressive retinal atrophy. Clicker training is a great way to help boost her confidence and give her some clear information about how to adapt in this time of her life. We are using tactile (surfaces) and scent (smells courtesy of Dr. Bronner’s fabulous non-toxic line) cues to help her navigate her home.

In addition, we are getting her used to noises, strange people and dogs in order to prepare her for anything that may become more fearful to her through her loss of hearing. By pairing these things with awesome stuff (like her favorite, freeze-dried raw chicken liver!), we will be able to help her feel more comfortable with them, rather than fear them.

I very much appreciate the dedication her parents are showing through working on training with her, and ensuring this big transition in her life goes more smoothly. Their trust in me to help them achieve these goals is very humbling. It is a real pleasure working with all three of them and having this wonderful experience in building a relationship together that can help Daphne remain happy for her golden years to come!

Thank you, Daphne and family!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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