Welcome Ellen to the Delightful Doggies family!

Ellen with her dogs, Ruby and Zelda
Ellen with her dogs, Ruby and Zelda

It is my pleasure to officially announce the addition of Ellen Jensby as a training assistant to the Delightful Doggies family!

I met Ellen this past spring when I began teaching the CHAMPS program at the MaxFund shelter. Ellen’s impeccable timing skills definitely caught my eye and she also approached me with questions about how to become a professional trainer and the myriad certification programs that exist. As we became acquainted, I offered to allow her to help with training sessions where I need extra hands and found her to be a wonderful addition to these sessions.

Over the course of spring and summer, Ellen has worked for me to gain experience and has proven herself to be very capable of not only taking great direction and learning, but adding some great additional insights.

Because of her hard work and talent, I have decided to officially add Ellen to my team so that she may get paid for her hard work as a handler and assistant. This is very beneficial for clients who need practice with other strangers or dogs who need handling. We’ve handled everything from over-enthusiastic jumpers to leash-reactive dogs, and dogs who have attacked other dogs. Ellen’s ability to help us maintain a stress-free threshold for these dogs to be able to learn in each of these setups has been invaluable!

Thank you, Ellen, for your dedication to helping dogs and their people, as well as volunteering your time in shelters to help dogs become more adoptable. I’m so happy to have you on the Delightful Doggies team!

You can also learn more about Ellen on our Meet the Trainer page (scroll past me).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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