Client spotlight: Jasper and Devo the Italian greyhounds

Congratulations to our September client spotlight, Jasper and Devo the Italian greyhound brothers!

Jasper and Devo are at attention!
Jasper and Devo are at attention!

Jasper and Devo have been receiving custom training services, and are successfully learning new and useful skills. Their parents are as committed and hardworking as they; we really appreciate all the effort they put into practicing skills. The results they have been seeing are nothing short of awesome!

While they are brothers, they are not blood brothers; Jasper is one year younger than Devo. They previously lived with another family who had gotten Devo originally from a pet store, and Jasper a year later from the National Mill Dog Rescue; both dogs were adopted by their current parents from the rescue.

Training with Jasper and Devo is a lot of fun. We take breaks in between drills so they can have fun playing with each other, and getting and giving lots of affection to all of us! They adore Miss Ellen, and we all appreciate her help handling dogs for setups to practice skills. Each session they make great strides in confidence and learning new skills to make their lives happier.

Thank you, Jasper and Devo, and your parents, for choosing Delightful Doggies to help with your training needs! We appreciate all of you and your consistent, hard work and dedication!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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