Client spotlight: Sadie the shepherd mix

Sadie has a sweet smile
Sadie has a sweet smile

Congratulations to our October client spotlight, Sadie the shepherd mix!

Sadie is a charming puppy who has a ton of charisma and energy. She loves to play and has the most adorable little hop-run! Like all puppies, Sadie loves attention and fun, and is working on learning how to hone her impulse control and be more chill. She’s doing a great job at perfecting her leash skills, though she’s still working on how to be more calm when exciting things like people and other dogs show up.

Her parents have been working diligently to harness all her energy in constructive ways. Sadie is a lucky pup to have such committed parents! One of the highlights of having a dog training career is being witness to the love that is shared between dogs and their people, and it’s obvious that Sadie’s people love her very much!

We very much appreciate the confidence Sadie and her parents have in us to assist with meeting her learning needs. Thank you!

And congratulations, again!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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