Client spotlight: Lily the mixed breed puppy

Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Lily the mixed breed puppy!

Lily says, The Road to Happiness is paved with hot dogs!
Lily says, The Road to Happiness is paved with hot dogs!

Lily is coming up on her 11-month birthday and she’s a big girl! Her mix is unknown, as she was part of a litter due for euthanasia at a high-kill shelter. Fortunately, a rescue stepped in to save them!

Her mother adopted her and was very conscientious of socializing her, and all was good until a well-meaning uniformed person wasn’t aware of how scary Lily perceived him to be. Instead of giving space and having Lily warm up to him at her own pace, he tried his best to win her over, unsuccessfully. This had an unfortunate effect on Lily, causing her to have a more generalized fearful response toward strangers.

Through consistent work in having strangers show up to give hot dogs, Lily is making progress overcoming her fears and starting to learn more appropriate ways to deal with strangers, rather than barking offensively at them. Her mother has been working hard with her to provide her with the right tools and training she needs to regain confidence and lead a less stressful life. They are an awesome duo!

We love working with dogs like Lily to gain trust and help them find happiness. Thank you, Lily, and your amazing mother, for trusting in us to help you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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