Client spotlight: Trigger the terrier mix

Congratulations to our December client spotlight, Trigger the terrier mix!

Trigger in his carefree state!
Trigger in his carefree state!

Trigger was adopted from the MaxFund shelter by a wonderful couple who love him dearly. He is such a lucky pup! Trigger is a very sweet and food-motivated boy who has been quite unsure about other dogs, and sometimes other things in his environment, like noisy cars.

Through desensitization and counterconditioning techniques, Trigger has been able to overcome his fears and become more relaxed around our head Delightful Doggy, Jasper. He’s also been able to learn that there are better alternatives to being upset or going on the offense–he can move away, he can give eye contact to his parents, he can hand target, he can turn his head or body away, and much more. He’s even been able to learn that it is okay to actually interact and play with Jasper!

Little by little, Trigger is gaining confidence and the ability to trust that another dog won’t hurt him. Dogs like Trigger demonstrate that, when we empower our dogs to make the right decisions, they can choose them, and on their own terms, even enjoy things that once were very upsetting.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work his parents have put in learning about how to read his signals and body language, how to redirect any possible conflict, and how to head it off from even happening. We are so proud of them and Trigger! And it’s also been a lot of fun working with all of them, which is how training should be.

Thank you for entrusting us to help you gain the tools you need to have a happy life together,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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