Client spotlight: Jackson and Shirley

Congratulations to our January client spotlight, Jackson the German Shepherd and Shirley the Labrador retriever/hound mix.

Shirley (back) and Jackson (front) learn how to give attention outside while on leash
Shirley (back) and Jackson (front) learn how to give attention outside while on leash

Jackson and Shirley have a very busy mom who needed help with several areas, including not bolting at the front door and leash skills. We agreed that, in addition to coaching sessions, we’d do a 10-pack of Walk & Train sessions so I could help “jump-start” their learning. We worked on how to sit patiently at the door and how to give attention while on walks, as well as give slack, walk side-by-side with me, and not be too overwhelmed by exciting things like smells and large cars!

It was a lot of fun teaching these two, and coaching their mom. In our sessions all together, we also worked a lot on leash skills, redirecting problem behaviors, and how to just build trust and the ability for them to listen to mom. Mom is happy, and so are Shirley and Jackson! She’s been a great student as well.

Mom’s dedication to seek out the best blend of training for her pups is very inspiring, and one of many reasons why we chose these two for our client spotlight. Clients who put in the effort and are consistent in their learning and practice have the best results, and even with mom’s busy schedule, she has seen a lot of improvement and continues to make progress with them. It’s just an amazing thing to be a part of it!

Thank you, Jackson, Shirley and mom, for choosing Delightful Doggies to assist you in your training needs! You’ve worked very hard, and it shows–and you deserve it!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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