How being a dog trainer has changed my life

I’m such a lucky person. Not everyone gets to do something about which they feel so passionately, and enjoy so much. My life has not only changed in terms of loving what I do, but in myriad other ways!

I get to work with cute puppies like Molly!
I get to work with cute puppies like Molly!

I am a more patient human being. Training dogs has taught me the fine art of how to take more pauses in life, and take it slowly. Each dog has their own aptitude for how quickly they learn and each is unique. If I take a moment to get to know them and set training up so they can be successful, I will be far more efficient with results in the end. I’ve also learned to be calmer, and move in a way that is more mindful. Working with reactive, aggressive, overly excited, fearful and anxious dogs definitely provides many opportunities to practice this ability, and it carries over in my own life.

I can make an impact. Not everyone can say their job improves the lives of other creatures and people on this planet, and it’s definitely something that has driven me to this career path. It’s so fulfilling to see people learn to understand their dogs better, and for them to have better communication between each other. Seeing the light bulbs go off for people and their dogs is definitely exciting, and knowing that you’ve helped a family regain a sense of peace and happiness is also out of this world!

I build awesome relationships with lots of dogs—and people! I get to play with puppies, help clients deal with frustrations and turn them around into awesome learning opportunities, and share intimate moments with others in a way that really connects me to them. It’s a pretty amazing, inspiring thing. I also get to network with other professionals to ensure proper referrals and build an awesome support system.

I’m more confident. Being a dog trainer means being a lot of things–as your own business, you are marketer, customer service agent, administrative assistant, scheduler, accountant and more. It’s also a little daunting to be new in this field. It has been a wonderful journey in teaching me that I CAN do what I set my mind to!

I’ve learned how powerful positive reinforcement-based methods are. I knew a little bit about behavioral science from taking psychology courses in high school and college, but until I had to learn about it in terms of dog training and behavior, I really didn’t grasp how powerful the science of using positive reinforcement to teach behaviors is. By focusing on getting behaviors I want and reinforcing them, I don’t have to go down the path of punishment and frustration. I am a more proactive than reactive. And it’s fun and makes everyone happy!

It’s truly a pleasure to work with all of you and your dogs, and I am so honored to get to lead the life I live. Thank you so much for your continued support!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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