Client of the month: Aidan the wheaten terrier mix

Congratulations to our March client spotlight, Aidan the wheaten terrier mix!

Aidan chills charmingly on his mat
Aidan chills charmingly on his mat

Aidan is a mature gentleman who has all the spunk of a one-year-old pup! He’s a very unique individual who was not only fun to work with, but also helped me learn and grow as a trainer, which is a very fulfilling part of the job I have.

Not only did Aidan make great progress in training, but so did his amazing mother. She is very dedicated to him and accepts all his quirks, and has learned to work with them to make life more harmonious in their household. We’ve been able to teach him many things, like how to relax and stay on his mat, and be more confident and in control of his impulses. He also benefited from a visit with Miss Courtney, one of our assistants and a wonderful Ttouch practitioner!

Training is a lifelong process and I know Aidan and his mother will continue to work with the tools they’ve gained in our training sessions to make their lives more peaceful and enriching. Thank you so much for choosing Delightful Doggies to guide you in this process!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

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