March 2015 clients

March was another busy month and we’ve gotten behind on blog posts, but we’re catching up! I had a great time taking a short spring break to enjoy a seminar from esteemed animal trainer and Vice President at Karen Pryor Academy, Ken Ramirez. I learned so much and was very inspired! Coming up this April, I’m looking forward to learning from Dr. Ian Dunbar, who I personally proclaim the godfather of positive reinforcement dog training. It’s such a pleasure to meet and learn from such wonderful mentors, and to work with all the wonderful clients we had come and go during March!

Check out our photo slideshow from this month by clicking on the below photo icons, and you can see even more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site. We also have a lot more photos and other great content on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to join us there!

Aidan Bruiser Daisy Aria Molly Zooey Roxy Raoul Hobbes Lamb Lola and Betty Lupo Frida Sulley Daphne Gruner Oliver Moose Stella Jane Porter and KC Roka Sara Ollie and Linus

Also appreciated but not pictured: Charley aka “Chuck Norris” the Labrador retriever.

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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