April 2015 clients

April was a tricky month with the spring weather but we all made it through! Rain isn’t always conducive to our outdoor sessions but we certainly appreciate everyone’s flexibility in dealing with it, the delays it can bring at times, and having a good attitude about working consistently with the training no matter what happens. We have the best clients! Thank you!

Check out April’s client photo slideshow by clicking on the below photo icons. You can see even more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, and don’t forget that we also have a lot more photos and other great content on our Facebook page. We hope to interact with you more there!

Louie Hobbes Finn Harper and Bandit Betty Lola Zoey Lamb Sara Lupo Stella Raoul Oliver Zooey and Roxy Luca Moose KC Porter Jane Gruner <Tillie Jelly Gretel and Fitz Ruger and Bella Jasper and Nash Roxy

Also appreciated but not pictured: Charley aka “Chuck Norris” the Labrador retriever.

Thank you,

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