Client spotlight: Charlie, Olive and Mickey

Congratulations and a big thank you to our June client spotlight, Charlie the Staffordshire terrier, Olive the cattle dog and Mickey the beagle!

Charlie, Olive and Mickey: Happy Pups! :)
Charlie, Olive and Mickey: Happy Pups! 🙂

This trio and their parents are pretty awesome. The dedication their parents have to working with each of their unique personalities is a testament to what makes a family a family: lots of love! Each one of these pups is a rescue with a unique background and way of viewing the world. Charlie has had to overcome a few different situations in life, and had a few medical issues that needed clearing up, so he’s getting adjusted to being in a new home here in Denver. Olive was a foster puppy from a rescue group that just had to stay with the family! And Mick was a stray, but has been with the family the longest at 7 years, compared to Olive’s five months and Charlie’s three months.

Juggling a house with two dogs, let alone three, is challenging for anyone, even a trainer at times! The different needs and personalities are all varied and there is a great deal of adjusting when it comes to figuring out how to properly care for all of them. We are still getting to know Olive and Charlie, especially Charlie, as he is older and has been through more experiences than the other two. Charlie finds the world at times overwhelming, and can get very excited and therefore loses focus on his handler at times. He’s been getting a combination of relaxation techniques, appropriate outlets and training in impulse control, and gradual desensitization and counterconditioning to stimuli in his world. In addition to our coaching together, he is also doing some work through our Day Training/Walk & Train program.

Olive is a sassy cattle dog puppy who catches on to just about everything quickly. She is exuberant, to say the least, and loves to nibble on your ears gently! The most important thing Olive has been learning is just to be a little more calm, and understanding how to have good manners in all the basic obedience cues. She brings a lot of fun to each session, and never lets us forget to laugh and enjoy ourselves!

Mickey, the old man of the group, doesn’t need a ton of training but it has been an adjustment to share his home. He’s doing a great job! And who can resist a sweet, happy beagle face? Mick is excelling at socializing with his two new mates.

These three dogs are so much fun to work with, and their parents are likewise a pleasure. Their willingness to do as much as they can to ensure heir wonderful trio is happy and healthy really makes a job like this so much more fulfilling. Thank you for entrusting Delightful Doggies to assist you with your training needs!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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