Client spotlight: Quinn and Finn the pugs

A big congratulations to our July client spotlight, Quinn and Finn the pug siblings!

Quinn and Finn will work for food!
Quinn and Finn will work for food!

Quinn and Finn have been in both our customized training and day training / walk & train programs since the end of May, and they’ve been learning so much! Since they’re brand new in this world, everything is exciting, and sometimes, a little strange and occasionally frightening. Besides working diligently on basic obedience cues, they’ve been learning that they can be calm and not bark at other dogs, people and other stimuli in their environment.

They’ve also been doing great at learning how to be separate from each other, though this can be very hard! Crate training was a little hard at first but they’re starting to understand how awesome it can be to go in to their respective spaces and relax. This is paramount for them so they can be confident in adulthood, and independent of one another.

Their mothers have done a spectacular job of understanding their needs, and besides getting our one-on-one support in training, they’ve also been a cut above the rest at maintaining the training and working on the items we’ve been going over in coaching. Just yesterday we had a huge leap forward in their “leave it” training–they left a huge piece of cheese on the floor! Impulse control is definitely going well with these pugs, even though they’re very hungry! 😉

The final frontier for them right now is walking together on a loose leash–and we know they’re going to get there, no doubt, because of all the hard work and love their mothers are providing. Thank you for choosing us to help you and we love working with all of you!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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