August 2015 clients

It’s hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end soon, and autumn is just around the corner. It’s been a wonderful, busy summer season and we can’t wait to work with more clients in the fall!

You can click on the below photo icons to see all the great moments we shared in August, and view it in a slideshow format after clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). You can see even more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, as well as a lot more photos and other great content on our Facebook page.

Dixie Betty Quinn and Finn Barbie Ivory Darari Yogi Miles Knox Huckleberry Gracie and Beemer Dieter Charlie, Olive and Mick Allie Jackson Matilda Avery Kai Patti Grace Sasha Patrick

Not pictured but still very appreciated: Nina the boxer mix.

Thank you, and Happy Training!

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