September client spotlight: Allie the Bernese Mountain Dog

Allie demonstrates the famous
Allie demonstrates the famous “Berner lean!”

Congratulations to our September client spotlight, Allie the Bernese Mountain Dog!

Before living in her current home, Allie was out in the countryside with a Great Pyrenees, roaming off-leash and without very much human contact. Now that she lives in an urban environment, she’s had a great deal of adjusting to do! It hasn’t been easy but with her mother’s love and commitment to training, she is starting to get better at learning what life is all about.

Allie has been learning how to be more calm and confident in her interactions with new people. Through the power of cheese, we have become great friends and have a base of trust so that we can teach her many wonderful things, like how to do nose work games, playing Look At That, how to walk politely on a loose leash and Freedom harness, and pattern games to refocus on mom when things become overwhelming. Touch exercises and calming tools and protocols are also helping Allie in the process.

We are so happy for the progress Allie and her mother have achieved so far, and looking forward to much more! We’ve gone from full-0n nervous breakdowns when I come over to getting hugs and excited, rather than fearful, barking, in just a few sessions. 🙂 Thank you for entrusting us to help build confidence, trust and skills together that will make life even more beautiful than it is!

Happy Training,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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