November client spotlight: Hudson the Australian shepherd

Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Hudson the Australian shepherd!

Hudson is one smart, charming goofball!
Hudson is one smart, charming goofball!

Hudson is a fun-loving guy who loves Day Training with us! We’ve been able to work on loose leash walking, leave it and come when called skills, and are working on other items like not jumping (he’s so excited!) on visitors and not bolting through the door. He is also having fun learning a few tricks too, like sit pretty and roll over. He’s getting lots of compliments now on his leash walking, and doesn’t react anymore when scary workmen or strange dogs are around.

A brilliant Aussie, he learns quickly and enthusiastically. His sister, Jane, is sometimes a little jealous of all the attention she gets so sometimes she, and even brother Jag, will accompany us in training. This allows us to all learn how to work together and control impulses better in these more distracting scenarios.

We really appreciate that Hudson’s parents contacted us for their training needs. It’s been a blast working with him and having lots of fun doing it! And we hope he has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday excursion, as he’s going on a road trip. We wish he and his family happiness and safety on their journey, and look forward to seeing more of them again in December. 🙂

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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