November 2015 clients

This November surpassed last year’s in terms of client load, so I really want to thank ALL of you who have hired us, or recommended us, to your friends and family. Your support is always appreciated, and we had a ton of fun working with a diverse set of clients and needs this month. Besides supporting this company, you’re also giving us invaluable experience from which we learn and grow, and that makes me doubly thankful this November!

You can click on the below photo icons to see larger photos of all our fun times together. You can also view the photos in a slideshow format after clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). There are more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page, so join us there, too!

Hudson Charlie Olive Mickey Lola Ruby Mae Chief BG and Frank Rocko Luca Sookie and Ruffus Fleetwood Stewie Rubble Allie Zoe Flick Bear Lizzie and Jackson Kooka Lucy Manila Gracie Fancy Finn

Thank you, and happy training!

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