Changes in services

I am very excited to announce some changes to our services menu that I believe will mean more value for all our clients!

RubyMae and Courtney
Courtney does TTouch on our client, Ruby Mae

Today I am VERY proud to formally announce our new and improved partnership with Tender Hands Animal Training, moving forward. Most of you who have been receiving customized training have met Courtney Kirman, the owner, who is a TTouch certified practitioner. She and I have worked together very successfully with clients, so much so that we have built-in pricing together for behavior modification. Those of you who wish to retain help in this area will now be getting 90-minute sessions with Courtney and myself each time to help make the most impact for the most cost-effective pricing around.

In addition to breaking out this new partnership to ensure more value and results for our clients, I am also breaking out simple problem behaviors from customized training into its own category, meaning you will pay less for the same services you have had in this regard, for training alone.

Also, Day Training has been revamped. We now have options for basic manners training in two levels so that your dog can learn all the manners needed to be the perfect pet dog, and there is also still a customized options for clients who need more specialized help, or want to blend some coaching-based services with day training to more quickly address problem behaviors.

We hope you will find our new services & rates menu to be as exciting as we are about it! We appreciate your feedback, and can’t wait to work with you more in 2016.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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