Client spotlight: Lucy the mixed breed

Congratulations to our January client spotlight, Lucy the dachshund/lab mix!

Lucy being charming during a training session

Lucy has been in training for her issues around other dogs. She was displaying some aggressive/offensive behaviors both on and off-leash, and mom and dad were very proactive in calling us for help so it wouldn’t continue to get worse. We started with teaching Lucy some basic skills training and then began doing setups with our cache of professional helper dogs. She met all five approved Delightful Doggies dog assistants without any major issues! We did this very gradually, making each encounter super-wonderful and positive, and filled with lots of cheese!

By gradually desensitizing and counterconditioning Lucy’s interactions with unfamiliar dogs, we were able to help her be more calm and confident, and reward these behaviors. She can sit patiently and give attention to mom and dad even when another dog is in her yard, and she was also able to be sniffed by other dogs, and engage – disengage with them. Lucy knows that she has better choices to make, and that mom and dad have her back.

We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication Lucy and her parents gave to us. Dogs like her make this job so fulfilling, because where there was once conflict and frustration, now there is relaxation and an ability to be in the world with other dogs peacefully. Lucy knows she doesn’t have to be BFFs with all dogs in the world, but she can tolerate them and make decisions to break away and look to mom and dad for direction now, instead of lunging, barking, snarling and snapping!

Thank you for your hard work alongside us to make this happen!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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