January 2016 clients

2016 marks our 4th year in business, which is pretty amazing. When I first started Delightful Doggies, I had no idea how successful it would, or wouldn’t, be. Owning a business has been awesome, daunting, scary, wonderful and unbelievable all at once. This couldn’t continue without the support of all our clients, friends, colleagues and others in the animal world, so THANK ALL OF YOU!

You can click on the below photo icons to see larger photos of all our beloved January clients. You can also view the photos in a slideshow format after clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). Don’t forget, there are more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page.

Lucy Lucy Finn Manila Poppy Archer Willow Avery Kookabear Luca Maddy Fancy Otis and Olive Aoife Duke Rainbow Zoey Murray Pepe Scout Winston and Nina Waco Sparky and Enyd

Thank you, and happy training!

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