Client of the month: Pepe, Chiquitin and Tess

Congratulations to our February client spotlight, Pepe and Chiquitin the miniature poodle brothers, and Tess the Bichon Bolognese!

Pepe, Chiquitin and Tess do some groundwork exercises
Pepe, Chiquitin and Tess do some groundwork exercises

This blended family is learning a lot about living together peacefully and happily. Tess has been around the longest. At 12 years young, she runs the roost! Tess is very spunky and is learning how to be calmer, particularly when she sees strange dogs on her walks or from her window.

Chiquitin, aka Chiqui, was rescued from Mexico when he was five years old. His owner had fallen ill and couldn’t care for him, leaving him with a maid who locked him in a bathroom and only fed him tortillas. Filthy, scared and covered in sores, this American adoption has saved his life!

Pepe, the newest member of the clan, was rescued off the streets. His adoptive parents spotted him running with another dog, who they were unable to catch. They spent a long time looking for his home to no avail, and decided to just keep him.

Pepe had a hard time adjusting to his new home, and was more afraid of dad than mom. By giving him space, time to warm up, and doing counterconditoning exercises, Pepe learned how to trust him and now even cuddles up with him! Chiqui and Pepe are also learning how to share space and resolve any issues they may have peacefully. Their photo album shows how much progress all of them are making. With patience and creating positive associations that are comfortable for the dogs together, they are learning how much fun it is to have a new brother in their lives!

We really enjoy working with these three pups and their amazing, dedicated and loving parents. It’s a real joy to help foster happiness in their lives through better understanding of each other. Thank you for choosing us to help you with your training and behavior needs!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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