Client spotlight: Hank the Labrador retriever mix

Congratulations to our March client spotlight, Hank the Labrador retriever mix!

Hank is so handsome and charming!
Hank is so handsome and charming!

Hank was adopted from OutPaws Rescue by his mother, who realized he was a bit timid and unsure of things. She contacted us because she was concerned he could have some separation anxiety issues; after setting up a way to record him home alone, we were able to do more detective work to determine that he wasn’t actually anxious, as much as he was playing with the couch like it was a chew toy!

Through a little bit of trial and error, we have been able to redirect his destruction onto proper toys, and blocked his access from the couch. Doing a bit of doggy daycare during the week also helped, as it gave his roommate dog some down time from him and he loves the outlet of playing with other dogs. Hank and his mom have also been working on Relaxation Protocol and doing nosework to help him control his impulses, and give outlets for his brain and body!

Hank’s mom is one of the greatest clients we’ve had. Despite the frustrations, damages and cost, she has not faltered in working to the best of her ability to comply with our recommendations, and work hard with us to unravel his mysteries. Hank has made many strides, and is also working on learning how to walk on a loose leash and build more confidence.

We are so lucky to have Hank and his mom on our roster, and we love working with you both! Thank you for choosing Courtney and I to help you with your training needs,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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