March 2016 clients

It’s hard to believe the end of March is just around the corner! It was a month filled with snow and sunshine, winter burgeoning into spring. We have had a blast working with everyone this month, and we’ve also been busy planning for our pending nonprofit endeavor as well. We are excited by how things are going, and can’t wait to announce more as we solidify our plans and the process for filing for 501(c)3. March has been busy and wonderful!

Click on the below photos for our March Flickr client photo album. You can also view the photos in a slideshow format after clicking on the slideshow button on that webpage (top right computer/play icon). You can also see more photos and slideshows on our Flickr site, as well as a lot more photos, videos and other great content on our Facebook page!

Hank Dray Gem Cocoa Waco Flick Mala Danny and Luna Lola Roscoe Lola and Suzy Harley Zoe Lucy Watson Mooney Amica Nina and Winston Chauncey and Z Roxy Riley Dryden Ollie Minnie, Duncan and Aoife Beau

Thank you, and happy training!

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