Client spotlight: Danny and Luna

Congratulations to our May client spotlight, Danny and Luna the German Shepherd Dogs!

Danny and Luna
Danny and Luna say hello!

Danny and Luna are both rescues who have their own separate training needs. Both were originally found as strays, so little is known about what happened to them before they were taken into rescue, but both have struggled with anxiety.

Their parents have always been dedicated to their training and behavior needs. While Luna is still struggling with being alone, having Danny has helped, and Danny has developed more independence in the time we’ve been working with them. None of these improvements would have happened without their parents’ diligence, understanding and love!

Both dogs have loved learning about nosework, and are now working on their excitement on leash. Danny sometimes gets a bit too zealous in his play with other dogs, so we have also been working on being calm for greetings.

The love in this family is so inspiring we just had to make them our client spotlight for this month. Our job and all our clients are awesome; when we have clients who have been going above and beyond, and have had such tremendous patience and resilience to what life has thrown at them, we have to take note. Our deepest love and gratitude go out to Danny and Luna, and their parents. Thank you for enlisting our help in your journey!

Happy Training,

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