Client spotlight: Mia the Aussie mix

Congratulations to our June client spotlight, Mia the Aussie mix!

Mia chills in her yard

Mia was a love-at-first-sight puppy. Her parents, who regularly foster puppies and kittens from the Denver Dumb Friends League, saw her one day when they were coming through for other little ones, and couldn’t resist taking her home to be a permanent part of their family! Mia was one of a litter of pups, and was the runt. She got picked on a bit by her siblings so that is why she was in her own little office at the DDFL. 🙂

Since Mia had no other reference for playing with other pups, she was a bit rough with the other foster puppies her new parents had in their care. We got her into a wonderful Noble Beast Dog Training Playful Pup Socialization Class right away, in conjunction with the private Puppy Preschool training we were doing in the home with them. After a few weeks of going into time-outs as needed for inappropriate play, she has mastered what works and is learning how to better understand other pups’ language to her for proper play. Now she is the star of the class, playing wonderfully and appropriately with others!

Mia is also learning a lot about how to sit and lie down and wait for a release, and she loves hand targeting. Her parents can’t wait to start on leash skills this week. Mia is a lucky girl who is getting all the best to ensure she grows up to be a lovely family dog.

Thank you to Mia and her parents and big sister for giving us the pleasure to work with them and have lots of fun doing it! We are also very grateful to them for doing their part to help all the puppies and kittens they take into foster care. We love working with you and are so proud of what you do!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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