Client spotlight: Roxy the chow/shepherd mix

Congratulations to our August client spotlight, Roxy the chow/shepherd mix!

Foxy Roxy chills in her yard

Roxy is in foster with a wonderful family who are likely to become foster failures. 🙂 We have been working with her and her mother for a few months now, and it’s been a real pleasure to see this girl come out of her shell!

Roxy was taken into rescue after living on a property with many other animals, all living outside. She wasn’t very well socialized and was really thrown for a loop when she went from being a rural, outside-only dog to a suburban dog with a nice home to come inside to! Getting her acclimated and past her anxiety of this change has been a process. We have been able to help her feel better physically through adequate supplements and TTouch work, and get her acclimated to new things and experiences through gradual desensitization and counterconditioning, and TTouch techniques like groundwork.

Her mother has learned the importance of taking it at Roxy’s pace–we have not forced her into situations, her ability to choose is important–and building trust. In time, she’s learned how to be comfortable coming upstairs from her preferred downstairs area, accept having a collar on her, go on short neighborhood walks, have fun with enrichment toys and activities, receive basic grooming like brushing, and her current goal–getting into the truck via a ramp! She’s already conquering that final task on the list, and should be able to go to GoodTimes for a Pawbender soon, woo-hoo!

Working with dogs like Roxy and their committed family is what makes this job a very fulfilling experience. Roxy is a blessed dog to have found a home with such patience and love! We also have a lot of fun working with her and her mom. We appreciate them, and they are a very worthy client spotlight!

Thank you for choosing us to help you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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