Client spotlight: Mochalatte the Labrador retriever

Congratulations on our October client spotlight, Mochalatte the Labrador retriever!

Mocha has mastered Relax on a Mat!

Mochalatte has come a long, long way from when we first met her. We first met her in May, and did a consult where we concluded it would be best if she got help from a veterinarian with more behavior experience. I’ll admit–I was not confident I could help her, particularly at that point. She had a very moderate case of separation anxiety and I knew she needed more than we could provide at that point. Her parents took her in and got her on medication, and began working on some protocols, and she started to make improvements.

In August her parents reached out for more help, and we were happy to come back and re-evaluate where she was. I was very happily surprised that she was a lot more calm than the first time we met her. The medication and work so far had brought some major changes, but there were gaps and a need for more consistent effort to teach her how to be calm in all situations. We began to tweak plans and it was a lot of work for her and her parents–but they all came through!

Separation anxiety can be a very difficult issue for owners and their dogs. Mocha’s parents have done a great job of making it happen within their busy lives! We are inspired by how much dedication and work they have put in, and how compliant they have become. The featured photo in this blog shows how much their training has paid off–she completely mastered the Relax on a Mat exercise from Nan Arthur’s Chill Out Fido. This tool has been one of many we’ve used to help her reach a point where she doesn’t need to shadow dad or mom all the time. She has a place where she can be calm, on her own!

We really appreciate Mochalatte and her parents, and are proud to have them as our very deserved October 2016 client spotlight!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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