Client spotlight: Barney the golden retriever

Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Barney the golden retriever!

Barney says, Autumn is amazing!

Barney was born at the end of February this year but he has learned TONS in his very short life! His formal name is Barnabas Digger, Son of Paloma, and he is a English cream golden retriever who is in training to be a therapy dog. He knows how to sit, lie down, stay and come, and he is getting better and better at learning how to control his impulses and deal with distractions. On a recent visit to Aspen Grove, he impressed many shoppers!

Not only is Barney an amazing learner, he is also a consummate charmer. He adores everyone and enjoys all the simple pleasures in life, like chasing a ball, going for a dip in the fountain, and getting lots and lots of belly rubs and butt scratches! He has this funny little quirk, the same one my dog Jasper has, of putting his head down on the ground and extending his butt upwards to get a good scratch! He’s really funny and loving, and you can’t be in a bad mood when Barney’s around!

Barney is a very lucky boy to have such great parents who are very diligent and consistent with training, and he will be an excellent therapy dog! We plan to take his Canine Good Citizen Test early next year. He will no doubt spread LOTS of love and joy to anyone who needs it.

We really appreciate Barney and his delightful parents for choosing us to help with their training needs. It’s been a lot of fun working with them and seeing this pup grow not only in physical nature, but mental nature. Courtney and her dog, Greta May, recently assisted in helping us with teaching him how to walk calmly past other dogs, and she couldn’t believe how great he already is–we all know it can be very hard for friendly retrievers to not want to say hi to everyone!–and he has been doing an excellent job.

Keep up the great work, Barney! 🙂
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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