Client spotlight: Murphy and Kerry the Irish wolfhounds

Congratulations to our December client spotlight, Murphy and Kerry the Irish wolfhound pups!

Murphy and Kerry, ready for training!

Murphy and Kerry are working on their basic skills training in our Delightful Doggy Finishing School program, which covers how to do clicker/marker training, understanding dog body language and how they learn, and all the basic cues and basic problem solving skills all dog owners need in order to live peacefully and happily with their dogs. Their parents are very hardworking and dedicated, and are really building a beautiful bond with them!

At seven months old, they are certainly the largest puppies we’ve ever had. All puppies should be in training, but because of their large size it’s really good that they are learning how to be more calm and not jump on others. They have been doing excellent at learning how to walk with their parents and navigate the ranch on which they live. Their next big goals are to understand how to come when called with more distractions, and to better understand boundaries. We have no doubt they will do great, as their parents are doing their due diligence in foundations and proper management, and practicing their skills so they get stronger.

It’s a real pleasure to work with puppies and new owners who want to do what’s best for their dogs and learn the basics so they will hopefully not have to come back to us to solve problems or undergo behavior modification! We enjoy how much love and devotion their parents have to them, and the other animals under their care. Thank you for choosing us to help you teach these two sweethearts!

Happy Training,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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