April client spotlight: Luna the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Congratulations to our April client spotlight, Luna the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix!

Luna gives us a big, beautiful smile!

Luna has been doing a blend of services, working with both Courtney and myself on being calm around other dogs and building body awareness, as well as with me solo on honing her manners and other skills to eventually be able to accompany her mother at work. She’s been slaying Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol and Leslie McDevitt’s Look At That technique.

The most challenging part for Luna is containing herself when we come over but she’s getting better at understanding that we do not prefer being jumped at. Using her harness and leash to prevent the jumping and only give attention and rewards when she is sitting or standing consistently is helping her learn better ways of greeting others. We are also working on Relax on a Mat to help with this and overall learning how to better relax herself. Life is exciting, after all!

Luna is a rescue dog and we love working with rescue dogs. All our personal dogs have been adopted from different shelters and as some of you know, I found another dog that I’ve added to my family after searching for weeks for her people. Being able to work with dogs who may have not had the best start, or who would have otherwise been passed along the system or worse, is very enriching for all of us. We love working with dogs with Luna whose winning personalities coupled with great positive reinforcement training; they are our greatest “ambassadogs.” 🙂

Thank you to Luna and her parents for entrusting with us, and for all their hard work and commitment to her. She is lucky to have them, and they her!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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