April 2017 clients

April has been a pretty challenging month, as I took a fall in my new home on April Fool’s Day, fittingly, and badly sprained (possibly fractured–the doctors kept going back-and-forth on that) my left ankle. I really appreciate all the support and patience my clients and partner, Courtney, have given me (and my husband at home)! All of you have been phenomenal, and I am extremely lucky to have such a great assortment of people in my life. I feel very lucky, even in the face of the ways having such an injury limits me. By the middle of May I should get another evaluation with a physical therapist and another brace to wear, and more information on a prognosis. Thank you all for your understanding!

By clicking on the below photo icons, you will be taken to our April 2017 clients Flickr album. By clicking on the slideshow button (top right computer/play icon), you can view all the photos in a fun slideshow format. You can also join us on our Facebook page to see even more photos of client dogs, great articles, news items and blog posts, and we also have an Instagram account.

Luna Mac June Freddie Mr. Magoo Betty Bear Tater Avanti Loo Charlie Samson Goose Lola Carly Snoop Dogg Hunter Misty Ginger Rylee Bodhi Boris Gryffen Roxy Ranier and Riley Quincy

Have a wonderful weekend,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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