August client spotlight: Gordie the Great Pyrenees mix

Congratulations to our August client spotlight, Gordie the Great Pyrenees mix!

Gotta love Gordie’s smile!

Gordie is a very sensitive and loving gentleman who enjoys playing with puzzle toys and chewing on a good stick. He was adopted from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue as a puppy by his current mother, who is very devoted for him and wants the very best for him. He’s such a lucky guy!

We have been working with Gordie through our Day Training program on learning how to go to his bed when guests arrive, and his leash reactivity towards other dogs while on walks. He’s a quick study, and has realized that other dogs mean great things so it’s better to look back to his handler than to fixate and react.

Gordie’s mom has been attentive to our reports from Day Training, studying the videos we take and resources we provide, and learning how to maintain the training through transfer sessions. She’s doing an excellent job so far! It will no doubt take time and consistency but Gordie is lucky that his mother understands this, and is committed to what it takes to achieve a solid, long-term success.

We wish all dogs could be as lucky as Gordie, and we are grateful to him and his mother for entrusting us to help with their dog training and behavior needs. They are very worthy recipients of this month’s client spotlight feature!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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