August 2017 clients

Autumn is around the corner, and we really appreciate all our clients who filled our summer with fun. We have had one of our most successful years to date, and I am very grateful to all of those who come to Delightful Doggies to find assistance for their dog training and behavior needs. Thank you for choosing us, and for referring your friends, family and colleagues to us as well!

You can click on the below photo icons to visit our June 2017 clients Flickr album. By clicking on the slideshow button (top right computer/play icon), you can view all the photos in a fun slideshow format. Remember to also join us on our Facebook page to see even more photos of client dogs, great articles, news items, blog posts and more! You can also check us out on Instagram.

Gordie Harley Misty Sawyer Finn Lexi Nemo, Beau and Chips Miles Berrin Missy Samson Cocoa June Harley and Opie Bailey Alice Azacca Juniper Mochi Scraps Chopper Sadie Rosie Daisy Mae Maggie Jack

Thank you for another lovely summer!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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