Cain the husky needs a new home

UPDATE: Cain has found a new home and is settling in well. Thanks to all of you who shared his story so we could have success!

Are you looking for a young, rambunctious guy who will keep you active and fit?

Do you go hiking and love the outdoors?

Are you looking for a whip-smart dog partner who loves training fun?Cain

Cain has a lot of love to give, and he needs a lot in return. If you’re looking for a loyal mate, he just may be the dog-man for you!

We are helping rehome one of our favorite clients, Cain the husky. He is just over two years old, and he is a very fun-loving and intelligent guy. He needs a guardian who has lots of time and energy to put into him to make him the awesome dog he can be! He gets along well with other well-socialized dogs, and would love to live in a house that has a nice yard to run in. Cain needs lots of running! He also really loves digging and needs a lot of mental outlets because if he doesn’t get enough enrichment, he can be a little creative in ways that aren’t always appreciated by humans. 😉

If I could take Cain into my home, I would. He and my dog Jasper really love each other, but I have two other dogs that wouldn’t mix well, and three is my limit! Delightful Doggies and his current owner are giving three one-hour training sessions to his new home to ensure success. He will need a commitment from whoever takes him to continue with positive reinforcement-based training–he LOVES it!

If you are interested in Cain, please email me at to get an application. Once it is received, we can review it, conduct phone interviews, and set up meet & greets.

Thank you! And please feel free to share this post and others on our social networks!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

2 thoughts on “Cain the husky needs a new home

    1. Unfortunately we do not think it would be a good fit for him to be with cats, as he hasn’t lived with cats and shows a bit of a propensity to want to chase them. But thank you for inquiring, and best of luck in your dog search!

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