November 2017 clients

We had a very blessed November, and worked with a lot of great people and dogs. Words can’t describe how awesome a job I have! I have fun, I learn and I am so grateful for all those with whom I come into contact. My job is to teach others to teach their dogs, but I am also lucky to have such great diversity in clients. I learn from each of you, and appreciate your trust in Courtney and myself to be invited in your homes and share with you.

I am also grateful for my community of mentors, who have been so generous with lending kind listening ears, giving me gentle pushes, and inspiring me to do better. So much for which to be grateful; thank all of you!

If you click on the below photo icons, you will be taken to the November client photo album on flicker to see the full photos. You can also click on the slideshow button (top right computer/play icon) to view them in a fun slideshow format.

Waffle and Poppy Chief Cocoa and Samson Misty Neko Bailey Oscar Lily and Harris Pieter Lola Rocky Berrin Josie Rosie Daisy Mae Chauncey and Roan Bucky Abbie Lucy Harper Rainey and Riley Tripp Walter Chunk Moxie Sebastian Millie Jasper Cain

Have a joyful holiday season!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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