Meet the Training Team

Laura on a hike with her dogs

Owner, Certified Dog Trainer & Registered Veterinary Assistant

Laura is the owner and head trainer at Delightful Doggies. A Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), her specialty is working with reactive, fearful and aggressive dogs. She obtained her CPDT-KA certification in October, 2014, and certifications as a dog trainer and veterinary assistant from Animal Behavior College in August, 2012 and January, 2013, respectively.

In March, 2013 Laura also achieved primary certification in TAGteach. She is also a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild and co-founder of the Colorado Progressive Reinforcement Trainers group, dedicated to adhering to and promoting force-free training methods. You can download Laura’s complete CV here.

Laura started on her career path as a dog trainer after spending time as a shelter volunteer. Through the shelter’s training program, she found a whole new love and purpose, and vowed to learn as much as possible about dog training and behavior so she could work to keep more dogs in their homes and out of the shelter and rescue system.

A native of Kentucky, Laura relocated permanently to Denver in 1996 and currently resides in Lakewood with her husband, Chris, and her three dogs, Jasper the “fluffy butt shelter mutt,” Hidalgo the Chihuahua and Kali the terrier mix. Together they enjoy hikes in the hills and doing nose work both for fun and competition.

Courtney and her dogs, Chaos (prounounced Ka Ose) and Greta May
Courtney and her dogs, Althea and Greta May

Certified TTouch practitioner and Training Assistant

Courtney is the owner of Tender Hands Animal Training, offering private one-on-one training for pets and their people using the Tellington TTouch Method. TTouch is a gentle and respectful approach to help animals behaviorally, mentally, and physically. TTouch can help reduce stress though various forms of touches and movement. This approach to training gives animals choices and helps build a trusting bond between pets and their people.

Prior to becoming a TTouch Practitioner, Courtney was a trainer for Petsmart, where she taught group and privates classes. Her experience in training makes her a valuable helper in behavior modification sessions, and her TTouch skills are a huge complement to our behavior modification program.

Courtney lives in south Denver with her fiancée Jesse and two dogs, Althea the Brittany spaniel and Greta May the blue tick coonhound.

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