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Charlotte loves training!
Charlotte loves training!

“Laura is amazing! Charlotte is such a smart pup, but she had issues with impulse control and mastering basic obedience skills. She has a ton of energy, and that hindered her ability to learn.
I really liked that every training session was customized according to Charlotte’s needs. Laura would do a great job modeling how to train her, and I’d have the opportunity to try it and receive immediate feedback. I can tell that Laura loves Charlotte just as much as I do. My pup’s been having some mysterious health issues, so she’s on a very strict fish and potato diet. Laura would come by with sweet potatoes that she made just for Charlotte. She’d also let her keep some of the toys she used during training. Laura was concerned that Charlotte’s health issues may cause some of her hyperactivity issues, so she offered to call my vet to discuss our concerns.
She’s very professional. She always showed up on time, responded to emails, and referred me to many different sources (youtube videos, articles, etc) to answer the questions I had in between sessions.
I highly recommend Laura to train your dog. Everyone comments on how much Charlotte’s behavior has improved. Sometimes strangers comment on “what a good puppy I have” as they watch Charlotte do a sit-stay as they walk by. It’s hard to believe that she improved as much as she did with 6 sessions. But do keep in mind that you MUST do your homework! I’ve been consistent and have applied everything Laura suggested. You won’t see the improvement you want unless you’re completely dedicated.” – Melanie L.

“Excellent training. Laura worked with us to identify problems and provide solutions. It made a huge difference in our daily walks. Wonderful service.” – Angie R.

“Laura’s 6 session dog training was just what we needed. We had just adopted a 2-1/2 year old lab from a shelter who was semi-trained. Laura came to our house each week for 6 weeks and went over the basics of obedience training while leaving us with detailed reading & videos about the specific issues we were having. Our dog enjoyed the classes and passed with flying colors!” – Lyndsay K.

Stella and Butter are attentive pups!
Stella and Butter are attentive pups!

“We didn’t quite know what we were getting into when we got our Siberian husky, Stella, from an owner (lovely person) who couldn’t handle a puppy in addition to her very busy life. Stella was initially bought from a pet store, and then relinquished after a couple months, so in her defense she had a few things against her when we adopted her at 4mos. But wow – after six months of never being able to leave her alone, hyper and reactive behaviors, just *neediness* – we knew we needed to call in a professional. We hadn’t owned a dog in years, so once again all I had to go on was Yelp reviews and websites, and that’s how we found Laura.
And thank god we did. Her initial consult (for a reasonable fee) gave us hope for a return to normal life. She spent over an hour talking with us and hanging out with Stella, thoroughly discussing what we hoped to change, as well as honestly asking how much time we could/would dedicate to the cause. This was done without any perceived judgement, which was a relief, because at that point I was ready to throw in the towel with this dog! In that first visit she had her finger on where we needed help and suggested some things we could do. We decided to hire her for a 3 visit package of private training, which again was extremely reasonable. She was professional, bringing her contract with her to sign, and was flexible in scheduling the visits (after 7pm on certain weekdays).
In all we had six private sessions with Laura for Stella, and her behavior improved exponentially. Within a few visits, I was able to bring Stella to a playground for after school pick up, having her stay by my side and not go ballistic on small children (in a hyper way, she was never aggressive) – this would have been unthinkable last year. She worked with us on separation anxiety, hyper behavior, walking on leash – really anything we felt we needed. Her demeanor with our dog, our children and us was always friendly, professional, kind and understanding.
At each visit she recommended *multiple* resources for us to further our knowledge, and after each visit she followed up with an email summarizing what we covered, including links to the resources she suggested. She knew of other classes we could attend, books we could read, YouTube videos we could watch, websites we could  check out – I was repeatedly impressed by her sheer knowledge base. She never pushed us to hire her for other services, of which she offers many – dog walking, pet sitting, group classes, etc. We really felt as if she genuinely cared about how Stella was doing within our family, and we were grateful that we could report continual improvement.
We are starting to need some more training, as we brought a new puppy into the house a few months ago (which we discussed with Laura as we were making the decision to add a dog, and received sound advice). We will certainly return to her for any dog training or care needs. I’m so glad to be able to write a great review for her, because these reviews are, in part, why I selected her in the first place. She really is everything all the reviews say she is.” – Kemery K.

“My new adopted pup exhibited some challenging behavior after the first few weeks and I knew I wanted an expert opinion and some helpful guidance, so I set up three sessions with Laura.  Her positive training methods were in line with my own, and she offered a wide array of suggestions, resources and custom-tailored training appointments where we worked with a variety of my dog’s triggers.  Laura got me on the right track and I feel so much better equipped to continue work with my little spitfire, Ruby.” – Lara W.

“Laura at Delightful Doggies is great. I trust her with my dog – and feel entirely comfortable trusting his care to her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – B.G.

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