January 2018 clients

Happy 2018! We have been having a blast working with all of our awesome clients.

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Skye and Ginger Rainey and Riley Millie Brynlie Cocoa and Samson Lola Toast Walter Stella Oscar Socrates Jasper Chopper

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

December 2017 clients

This December was our most successful and busiest December to date, and we are very grateful that our business continues to grow and flourish.

December can be a very unforgiving month for dog trainers. It’s hard to believe when I started this company five years ago that I would be able to sustain a full-time career as a dog trainer no matter what time of year! It is a competitive, challenging industry–so to be here, five years later looking forward to the sixth year of doing what I love most: working with people and their dogs to help them better understand each other, and make their lives more fulfilling–is truly amazing. I am so thankful for all the clients who have not only invited myself and Courtney into their homes and lives, but for their continued trust as their needs evolve, and for their referrals. Thank you all, and may 2018 be a year full of blessings for all of you!

If you click on the below photo icons, you will be taken to the December client photo album on flicker to see the full photos, and if you click on the slideshow button (located on the top right–computer/play icon), you can view them in a fun slideshow format.

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Riley and RaineyCocoa Samson Tripp Millie Abbie Misty Toast Pieter Harper Lola Lupo Walter Cain Sebastian Oscar Brynlie Jasper Beau and Gus Stella Ginger

Have a safe and happy new year!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

December client spotlight: Rainier the Great Pyrenees mix

Congratulations to our December client spotlight, Rainier (Rainey) the Great Pyrenees mix!

Rainey loves to cuddle after each training session!

Rainey and her big brother, Riley, have been clients of ours for some time now, utilizing a variety of services. We have been focusing on Day Training with Rainey to help her work through some dog reactivity issues, and improving her overall ability to focus on her handler while out on walks.

Rainey has been learning that dogs mean meatballs, which is a very good thing. By having her maintain distance from other dogs and allowing her the opportunity to make this association, she is starting to get calmer and happier about noticing them, rather than panicking, lunging and barking. She is now able to offer more reliably the behavior of looking back at her handler, for the meatball. She’s even more relaxed to walk down the block where her “nemesis” lives! We have been steadily getting a looser leash and more connection overall on walks as well.

We are really proud of Rainey and love working with her, her big brother Riley, and her very dedicated and loving mom. It’s very rewarding to see her improvements, and we love spending time with her to cuddle after each session. She is a very sweet and lucky girl!

Thank you for entrusting Delightful Doggies for your dog training and behavior needs!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Dogs will be Dogs: Addressing digging problems

In this fifth installment of our blog series, Dogs will be Dogs, we will discuss digging problems.

Dogs may dig for many reasons, and like a lot of problem behaviors, it is a natural dog behavior. Some of the reasons why your dog may be digging up your yard or other areas include boredom, lack of attention or other constructive outlets, the desire to escape, trying to get at prey, or just a need to cool off and be more comfortable!

Cain enjoys some digging in an approved spot--on the beach!
Cain enjoys some digging in an approved spot–on the beach!

My dog Jasper LOVES to dig to find cooler ground in which to lie. He has done this from puppyhood, and we have allowed him to do it–in one spot. He has one spot that he chooses in our yard and that is his approved–and only–dig spot.

For a lot of cases, I do recommend giving a dog one dig spot (or some of my clients make a dig box out of materials they buy or out of a kiddie pool or something similar). This “compromise” of having an approved dig area can really be the most effective, and you can encourage him to dig in this one spot to help ensure it’s only one spot. I will praise, give treats or toys, whatever the dog likes, if he is digging in that spot to reinforce that is the place to do it. I will also even hide goodies in the dig spot for them to dig up–so much fun for the dog!

Another strategy for dogs who are seeking cool or comfort of some kind is to provide alternatives to address this: bring him in more often; have access to a water bowl, a wading pool, a softer surface or cooling pad on which to lie; provide a dog house or install items that can provide shade, etc., can all make your dog feel more comfortable and cool while outside.

If your dog is bored, or not getting enough attention or outlets, make sure you have alternate activities and enrichment for him, as this will be critical to success. Make sure your dog gets time to interact with you (walks, playtime, training sessions, having fun with puzzle toys or scent games), as well as provide other forms of enrichment (such as eating meals out of Kongs). Doing this daily can help tire him out in a more constructive way and lessen the likelihood of digging. Make sure to supervise your dog more closely while he is outside to ensure he doesn’t get the opportunity to dig, and engage him in other fun while you’re out there.

If your dog loves to dig to escape the yard, you definitely don’t want to leave him unsupervised until you come up with a long-term solution to fortify your fencing. You can make your fencing go deeper into the ground, or use rocks, chain-link fencing or chicken wire to prevent and discourage digging at the fence. Doing other activities and providing other outlets while he’s in the yard can also help him make a more positive association with staying in the yard. A tether can also be helpful, but we do not recommend EVER leaving a tethered dog alone unsupervised because they can possibly get tangled and hurt. If a dog is motivated and strong enough, he could possibly break it and still escape.

In some cases the dog may also be trying to get at prey–besides reinforcing your fencing and supervising per above, you may want to find ways to relocate the animals that are attracting him in a humane way. Seek help from a relocation professional if necessary. You can also work on a better come when called with your dog so when you are supervising, you can more easily call him to come to you in case a rabbit or other possible prey is tempting him.

If you are facing problems with digging or anything else, we highly recommend the help of a qualified professional who uses positive reinforcement techniques for the best success, and we would love to help. Contact us now!

Happy training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Now PACFA certified!

We are proud to announce that we are now a PACFA-licensed dog training provider!

New rules to the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) for trainers require those of us who provide training services without the owner’s presence (such as our Day Training program, and Stay N Trains we do for current clients) be certified. This is to ensure we are following procedures and have paperwork that ensures transparency in our methods, and safety for our clients and their dogs.

PACFA “is a model program for states across the country and is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of those animals in pet care facilities. PACFA is committed to making sure that pet care facilities meet, or exceed, minimum standards for physical facilities; sanitation; ventilation; lighting; heating; cooling; humidity; spatial and enclosure requirements; nutrition; humane care; medical treatment; methods of operation and record keeping.”

“PACFA gives the Colorado Department of Agriculture the statutory authority to license and inspect all pet animal care facilities. Any person who is operating a pet animal facility that engages in selling, transferring, adopting, breeding, boarding, training, grooming, sheltering or rescuing any pet animal may need to be licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.”

If you are looking for a training provider to transport your dogs or train them without you being present either in your home or their facility, it is important to ensure they are PACFA certified. You can report any provider that you feel isn’t following regulations or is certified at their easy online form here.

We appreciate CDA’s PAFCA program and its staff, and their dedication to the safety and well-being of our clients. Feel free to contact us about this or anything else in regards to our operations and service offerings. We are proud to adhere to regulations and have a commitment to following these new rules for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Thank you!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

November 2017 clients

We had a very blessed November, and worked with a lot of great people and dogs. Words can’t describe how awesome a job I have! I have fun, I learn and I am so grateful for all those with whom I come into contact. My job is to teach others to teach their dogs, but I am also lucky to have such great diversity in clients. I learn from each of you, and appreciate your trust in Courtney and myself to be invited in your homes and share with you.

I am also grateful for my community of mentors, who have been so generous with lending kind listening ears, giving me gentle pushes, and inspiring me to do better. So much for which to be grateful; thank all of you!

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Waffle and Poppy Chief Cocoa and Samson Misty Neko Bailey Oscar Lily and Harris Pieter Lola Rocky Berrin Josie Rosie Daisy Mae Chauncey and Roan Bucky Abbie Lucy Harper Rainey and Riley Tripp Walter Chunk Moxie Sebastian Millie Jasper Cain

Have a joyful holiday season!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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November client spotlight: Poppy and Waffle

Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Poppy the border collie mix and Waffle the Brussels Griffon / cattle dog mix!

Poppy and Waffle: serious supermodels!
Poppy and Waffle: serious supermodels!

Poppy was a Finishing School student of ours when she was newly adopted in 2014, and we did some more private training with her in 2016. Since then, her parents adopted another delightful character, Waffle, and we had the pleasure of working with both dogs through our exclusive clients-only service, Stay N Train.

Each day Poppy and Waffle enjoyed meals through enrichment toys like the Buster Cube, Atomic Treat Ball, Smart IQ Ball, Kong Wobbler and more. They also worked on their impulse control, having more relaxed walks, and convincing us for more tug fun and belly rubs! We also worked on dog leash reactivity with Waffle in controlled setups, and began working on conditioning Poppy to a harness. Waffle became a master at the Look At That game, and with time and meatballs, Poppy should become more comfortable wearing equipment.

In addition, getting to hang out with their cat brother and sister, Severs and Isa, was also a lot of fun. While we may work more with dogs overall, we always enjoy some cat energy in our lives! We also got to work on some exercises to help Waffle learn that it is a lot more rewarding to NOT chase the kitty folk. 🙂

We really appreciate the loyalty their parents have shown us through the years, and their dedication to the best for all their pets. It is a real pleasure to work with such caring people with amazing pets.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Owner, Delightful Doggies