Cain the husky needs a new home

UPDATE: Cain has found a new home and is settling in well. Thanks to all of you who shared his story so we could have success!

Are you looking for a young, rambunctious guy who will keep you active and fit?

Do you go hiking and love the outdoors?

Are you looking for a whip-smart dog partner who loves training fun?Cain

Cain has a lot of love to give, and he needs a lot in return. If you’re looking for a loyal mate, he just may be the dog-man for you!

We are helping rehome one of our favorite clients, Cain the husky. He is just over two years old, and he is a very fun-loving and intelligent guy. He needs a guardian who has lots of time and energy to put into him to make him the awesome dog he can be! He gets along well with other well-socialized dogs, and would love to live in a house that has a nice yard to run in. Cain needs lots of running! He also really loves digging and needs a lot of mental outlets because if he doesn’t get enough enrichment, he can be a little creative in ways that aren’t always appreciated by humans. 😉

If I could take Cain into my home, I would. He and my dog Jasper really love each other, but I have two other dogs that wouldn’t mix well, and three is my limit! Delightful Doggies and his current owner are giving three one-hour training sessions to his new home to ensure success. He will need a commitment from whoever takes him to continue with positive reinforcement-based training–he LOVES it!

If you are interested in Cain, please email me at to get an application. Once it is received, we can review it, conduct phone interviews, and set up meet & greets.

Thank you! And please feel free to share this post and others on our social networks!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Hi! I’m Armina and I’m looking for a new home!

13606888_1112495715489542_5340183807137808219_nHi there! I’m Armina! I’m a young, goofy, and adorable rottie mix and I am looking for my forever home! My current parents rescued me from living in a backyard and I really love being with them. These Colorado summers are sure hot! Together we’ve learned all sorts of fun things; did you know you can get treats for tricks? My favorite things are squeaky toys, walks, car rides, belly rubs and hot dogs. In fact, about the only thing I really don’t like are cats, which is a problem for the cat I currently live with. We’ve tried really hard to get along, but I need a cat-free home.

What else would you like to know about me? I’m just over a year old, weigh about 75 pounds and am spayed and up-to-date on all my shots. I’m house trained and crate trained and can hang out in the house unsupervised. I’m pretty agile; you should see me jump! So I do best with a yard that has a six-foot fence. Since I’m a young gal, I am pretty energetic, but a few games of fetch and going on walks get me ready for nap time!

Miss Courtney can vouch for me; I’m awesome! 🙂

I’m eager to learn and have learned the basics like sit, down, off, and leave it. Because I can get pretty excited on walks and am a strong girl, I would do best with someone with experience training big dogs like me. I would really benefit from continued positive reinforcement training to be the best girl I can be! I need to be in a house with no small animals or children; they are just too much! I’m good with other well-mannered dogs when properly introduced.

Contact or 303-550-5652 for more information on adopting me!

Foster or adopt these dogs and get discounted services for them!

Hi friends,

There are three very special dogs down at the MaxFund Shelter who could really use a good home. I wanted to take the opportunity to write a post about them in hopes someone or some people out there would be open with their hearts and homes to foster–or better yet, adopt!–them.


The first is very Petchouli, who has had a very hard-knock life. After being born into a shelter, she was adopted by someone who maybe thought having a puppy was a good idea at the time, but then realized he didn’t have the time or energy to train and guide her into adulthood. She has since been relinquished and in the shelter ever since.

I met Petchouli and fell instantly in love with her. She’s a very gorgeous rottweiler/shepherd mix. I was busy putting in the required hours training for my dog trainer certification program at MaxFund, and she was a great candidate. We practiced all basic obedience cues together, as well as addressing some of her puppy mouthing/nipping, jumping and anxiety issues. Being in a shelter for so long, she hadn’t received the socialization she needed, and she was doing very well with training with me. She’s very intelligent and eager to please!


The second dog is Granby. Granby has spent a good few years now at MaxFund. He’s a handsome shar pei/lab mix with striking eyes. Sometimes when I look into his eyes, I feel a very deep soul is looking right back at me! Granby is also very trainable and has done several of the CHAMPS training sessions. (CHAMPS is a program where volunteers work with MaxFund dogs to provide basic obedience and problem solving training to make them more adoptable.)

Granby loves to play with other dogs, and he and Petchouli have been known to have their own fun together in play group time at MaxFund. He’s a very fun-loving guy. And how can you resist those sweet ears? He has a pair of the best ears around!

Brinx aka Briggs
Brinx aka Briggs

The third dog is a recent return to MaxFund. He had been adopted several years ago but is now back, and it’s been a hard thing for him to accept. His original name is the one he’s listed under right now with MaxFund, Brinx, though he is also known as Briggs.

Brinx is a very strong American bulldog, and his anxiety at being returned has made it a little difficult for some people to handle him. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Being part of a family and home, and then going back to a shelter cell…it would make anyone a bit scared and anxious! This guy really could use a second chance with someone–all of these dogs could!

All three of these dogs have had hard times, and all three need some extra-special loving care. If you are willing to take any of them in as a foster–or as hopefully an adopter!–we will be there to help you. We will offer a 10% discount on all training, walking and pet sitting services to anyone who will open their home to Petchouli, Granby or Brinx.

And if you can’t be someone who can take them in, please help us spread the word about these dogs and other shelter dogs. There are many people out there looking for a new pet, and we need to make sure they know there are awesome dogs waiting for us in shelters. Adoption saves lives. Please help us do the good work and tell others, and encourage them to tell others!

Thank you,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Uma is back!

You may remember our foster daughter, Uma, from previous posts.

Uma has a beautiful smile
Uma has a beautiful smile!

She had been adopted but was sadly returned about two weeks ago. After spending about a week in the shelter, she came back to our home as a foster.

Right now she is on mandatory bed rest, as her right leg is broken after an unfortunate tumble down stairs. This truly sucks for her, as she loves to run and play, and go for car rides. She loves playing with our son, Jasper, and they are not allowed to play, which is sad for them, as you can imagine! All he can do is lick her ears affectionately and wait patiently.

Her cast/splint has to be changed weekly. By the end of the month they will take new X-rays for her, that will be then reviewed by an orthopedic surgeon before determining her prognosis. We hope that she will be healed enough to resume a normal, fun life!

Of course, this all means Uma is available for adoption! Due to her leg, however, she cannot go for meet and greets at your home to see how she reacts and gets along with your pets, in your environment, etc. We will be happy to do them once she is healed, and answer questions in the meantime. Please contact me with any questions and I can provide more details to you. She is a sweet, loving companion and does have some special needs. Her ideal home would be a calm, quiet one with mature adults and possibly older children, and easygoing cats and/or dogs.

You can also connect with Uma on her Facebook page! And don’t forget her foster sister, Sofia!

Thank you for spreading the word about Uma–we are hoping to find her the right forever home this time!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Special project Petchouli needs a home!


How can anyone resist this face?

Petchouli is a young, energetic and loving soul. She was relinquished to MaxFund as an even younger pup. Her previous owners got her as a very young puppy and then couldn’t take her with them to their home because, well, she got bigger–she is a Rottweiler mix, after all. To make matters worse, she hasn’t received much obedience training during these important, formative months, so she still jumps and nips like a little puppy. She doesn’t understand it’s not polite and it’s also something that can potentially hurt people, now that she’s a big girl. To her, it’s all fun and games.

While it’s true she needs some consistent training, she IS a real lover and VERY smart and capable! I have faith that the right home is out there for Petchouli. I have been able to get to know her over the last 10 weeks. I’ve been a MaxFund volunteer for a while now, so I’m no stranger to the dog and cat folk there, but I have gotten to know Petchouli in particular due to my mandatory volunteer hours through the program I am taking to be a certified dog trainer. Petchouli definitely benefited from these needed hours, and she gets further training from other volunteers and staff. She proves herself to be very capable of learning commands and is eager to please, perfect for training!

Petchouli has been my “special project,” I like to say. I am committed to helping find her the right home, whether it is as a foster or permanent member of the family. I’m putting out this blog post and more to try and find the right match for her. Are you someone who can help? Even if you can’t open your home, can you share this blog and see if it will lead to the right match?

She would do best in a home with adults who are active and want to take her out and play with her in appropriate ways, run with her, take her to parks and play dates, and be consistent with training and a loving environment. She adores playing with other dogs but I might be a little cautious about having her around cats.

I am also willing to provide as much advice and training services as possible and needed to whoever takes her in, no charge–just a continuation of helping her overcome her lack of confidence and develop basic obedience skills to shine like the true doggy star she is!

Shelters are anxious, scary environments. Even if Petchouli isn’t right for you, please consider other dogs or cats from shelters. They need us and are often the most loving and gracious of pets. They know they’ve been saved and are grateful, I am convinced!

Thank you for reading and sharing this. Anyone who can help, feel free to directly contact me!

Owner, Delightful Doggies

Meet our new foster daughter, Sofia!

Sofia has found her favorite spot in her new home--the corner of the couch!

I picked up our new foster daughter from MaxFund today, a sweet little Italian greyhound named Sofia!

Sofia was found on the busy intersection of Broadway and Evans in south-central Denver, so little is known about from where she came and how she ended up there. She is a very special girl: she is missing her front right leg, is quite elderly, and is on some simple medications for her later-in-life aches and pains. What makes her MOST special, though, is her sweet nature, soft temperament and very loving soul.

She has a Facebook page so please go visit her there, like and share the page so we can work to find her a forever home! She is available for adoption and while she is welcome to stay for as long as she needs, we’d love to see her find a permanent home that would give her everything she needs and more. Please contact me to set up a meet and greet with Sofia if you or someone you know is interested in potentially adopting her.

And thank you for letting others know about Sofia! Shelter dogs need advocates so I appreciate your willingness to share her story. 🙂

With much gratitude,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

Happy National Puppy Day!

Spring has sprung and that means…kittens and puppies!

Shannon the mastiff puppy is available for adoption at MaxFund
Shannon the mastiff puppy is available for adoption at MaxFund!

So happy National Puppy Day! What is National Puppy Day, you ask? It’s an annual event to celebrate the unconditional love and light puppies bring to our lives, as well as to encourage all of you out there to adopt a special puppy in need. So many puppies are orphaned, believe it or not, and you can find a lovable little one at any of your area’s local shelters.

It’s also a time to educate and raise awareness of the problem of puppy mills. There are approximately 8,000 – 10,000 puppy mills operating in the U.S. and these are NOT reputable, conscientious breeders. Many pet stores sell these puppy mill dogs, and they can be very ill or overbred. These puppy mills have no regard for the welfare of the animals, using them as breeding machines and housing them in very filthy, overcrowded conditions.

I’d like to encourage all of you out there who may be passing by these pet store windows to remember the pain and helplessness this system perpetrates, and NOT support these businesses. Instead, please visit your local shelters or go online to find adoptable animals in need. Until we stop patronizing these pet stores and get legislation passed to end puppy mills, we cannot let a cute puppy in the window sway us!

Find out more about National Puppy Day here. Happy hunting for the perfect shelter pup for your home!

Owner, Delightful Doggies