November 2017 clients

We had a very blessed November, and worked with a lot of great people and dogs. Words can’t describe how awesome a job I have! I have fun, I learn and I am so grateful for all those with whom I come into contact. My job is to teach others to teach their dogs, but I am also lucky to have such great diversity in clients. I learn from each of you, and appreciate your trust in Courtney and myself to be invited in your homes and share with you.

I am also grateful for my community of mentors, who have been so generous with lending kind listening ears, giving me gentle pushes, and inspiring me to do better. So much for which to be grateful; thank all of you!

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Waffle and Poppy Chief Cocoa and Samson Misty Neko Bailey Oscar Lily and Harris Pieter Lola Rocky Berrin Josie Rosie Daisy Mae Chauncey and Roan Bucky Abbie Lucy Harper Rainey and Riley Tripp Walter Chunk Moxie Sebastian Millie Jasper Cain

Have a joyful holiday season!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

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November client spotlight: Poppy and Waffle

Congratulations to our November client spotlight, Poppy the border collie mix and Waffle the Brussels Griffon / cattle dog mix!

Poppy and Waffle: serious supermodels!
Poppy and Waffle: serious supermodels!

Poppy was a Finishing School student of ours when she was newly adopted in 2014, and we did some more private training with her in 2016. Since then, her parents adopted another delightful character, Waffle, and we had the pleasure of working with both dogs through our exclusive clients-only service, Stay N Train.

Each day Poppy and Waffle enjoyed meals through enrichment toys like the Buster Cube, Atomic Treat Ball, Smart IQ Ball, Kong Wobbler and more. They also worked on their impulse control, having more relaxed walks, and convincing us for more tug fun and belly rubs! We also worked on dog leash reactivity with Waffle in controlled setups, and began working on conditioning Poppy to a harness. Waffle became a master at the Look At That game, and with time and meatballs, Poppy should become more comfortable wearing equipment.

In addition, getting to hang out with their cat brother and sister, Severs and Isa, was also a lot of fun. While we may work more with dogs overall, we always enjoy some cat energy in our lives! We also got to work on some exercises to help Waffle learn that it is a lot more rewarding to NOT chase the kitty folk. 🙂

We really appreciate the loyalty their parents have shown us through the years, and their dedication to the best for all their pets. It is a real pleasure to work with such caring people with amazing pets.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

October 2017 clients

October has been a really great month, filled with amazing clients and a lot of wonderful progress with all of them. We are really blessed to work with so many great people and their dogs, and appreciate your support.

We also hope you have a very Happy Halloween! Be safe and have fun, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, here is our Five-point checklist for a safe Halloween for your dog.

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ChopperCocoa Samson Lux and Oats Josie Chunk Bucky Lionel Fido Ginger and Misty Cody and Neko Harper Bailey Gunner Berrin Lucy Rocky Riley and Rainey Roan and Chauncey Chief Gizmo Oscar Maggie Rosie Daisy Lily and Pieter

Happy Howl-o-ween! 😉
Owner, Delightful Doggies

October client spotlight: Chopper the boxer

Congratulations to our October client spotlight, Chopper the boxer pup!

Chopper is so cute when he’s tired from training!

Chopper is a boxer puppy who is getting closer to adolescence by the moment! His parents needed some help fine-tuning his loose leash walking and come-when-called skills, as well as getting him house trained, so they reached out to get our help.

It’s been awesome seeing how much Chopper and his parents have learned together. Seeing his more enthusiastic COME responses have been so much fun–don’t we all just love watching a boxer run excitedly? We have all had a lot of fun together, and training should be fun!

Chopper has also enjoyed learning that the doorbell isn’t a signal to bark uncontrollably, and playing with enrichment toys for fun breaks in between practicing his manners. He’s come a long way!

We love working with young dogs and their people. Chopper has some really awesome people, and we are very honored to be able to get to know and work with all of them.

Thank you for your trust in us, and happy autumn!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

September 2017 clients

It’s pretty unbelievable how quickly the weather has been changing here in Colorado, and the beautiful colors that herald the change in season are always beautiful. We are very blessed to live and work here with a wonderful array of amazing clients! Thanks to all of you who have used services this month and who have been referring us to family, friends and colleagues. We are very grateful for all of you!

You can click on the below photo icons to visit our Flickr album of September’s clients, and you can click on the slideshow button (top right computer/play icon) to view all the photos in a fun slideshow format. You can also join us on our Facebook page and Instagram account for more awesome photos and other content.

Samson and Cocoa Misty and Ginger Gunner Rosie, Daisy and Maggie Lexi Bailey Chopper Juniper Alice Max Chunk Berrin Josie Missy Sawyer Neko Harper Nemo, Beau and Chips Ginger Bucky

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

September client spotlight: Samson and Cocoa

Congratulations to our September client spotlight, Samson and Cocoa!

Samson and Cocoa, reporting for training!
Samson and Cocoa, reporting for training!

We originally started working with Samson and his mom on behavior modification coaching for him specifically, as Samson has a hard time accepting other people in his home, and being calm on leash when he sees other people or dogs. It took him a little time–and a good amount of liverwurst and other delights–to realize we were pretty cool. Now we’re a part of the Inner Circle of Trust! Samson is such a sweet guy once he realizes there is no need to go on the offense.

As time went by we were happy to also provide some Day Training for him, and regularly care for him and his sister, Cocoa, when mom and dad go out of town as part of our Stay N Train service (not offered to the general public, but to clients who have used our services in some capacity). Cocoa is a sweetheart who has some challenges being connected with her handler while out on walks–she finds the environment and all its delicious smells very distracting!

Working with both of these awesome dogs over the last several months we have seen some amazing improvements. Samson in particular is doing a lot better on walks, checking in with his handler instead of fixating on whatever may be worrisome in his environment. He also really loves playing with puzzle toys and getting belly rubs! Cocoa is getting better at responding to her name on walks and doing short amounts of loose leash walking. She really loves all the attention we can give her, as well as wonderfully stuffed enrichment toys. Step by step, these two sensitive souls are growing each day in their confidence and focus.

We really appreciate the dedication Samson and Cocoa’s people have had in working with them, and us. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of working with all of you!

Happy Training,
Owner, Delightful Doggies

August 2017 clients

Autumn is around the corner, and we really appreciate all our clients who filled our summer with fun. We have had one of our most successful years to date, and I am very grateful to all of those who come to Delightful Doggies to find assistance for their dog training and behavior needs. Thank you for choosing us, and for referring your friends, family and colleagues to us as well!

You can click on the below photo icons to visit our June 2017 clients Flickr album. By clicking on the slideshow button (top right computer/play icon), you can view all the photos in a fun slideshow format. Remember to also join us on our Facebook page to see even more photos of client dogs, great articles, news items, blog posts and more! You can also check us out on Instagram.

Gordie Harley Misty Sawyer Finn Lexi Nemo, Beau and Chips Miles Berrin Missy Samson Cocoa June Harley and Opie Bailey Alice Azacca Juniper Mochi Scraps Chopper Sadie Rosie Daisy Mae Maggie Jack

Thank you for another lovely summer!
Owner, Delightful Doggies