June client spotlight: Barrett the cattle dog

Congratulations to our June client spotlight, Barrett the cattle dog!

Barrett rocks the loose leash!
Barrett rocks the loose leash!

Barrett is a rescue puppy adopted by an awesome, active gentleman to be a lifelong partner for myriad fun activities. In other words, Barrett is truly lucky! He’s also amazing–very quick to learn, eager to please, and just a fun dude to chill with.

I’ve had the pleasure to see Barrett twice weekly for Day Training visits to work on getting him used to the world, walk on a loose leash and come when called. It’s been a lot of fun, and we take frequent breaks to chew as a teething puppy has to have chew breaks! And play! We have to play and have fun! Playing games like “catch me” and “hide and go seek” have made come when called even more fun to learn.

Barrett is getting off to a great start because his dad knows the value of training in helping them have enjoyment together. It makes me happy to know that they are going to do well together because they’ve been working on it from the very start of his coming home from rescue. This is one of many reasons that Barrett is our client spotlight this month.

Thank you to Barrett and his dad for being so great, and for choosing us to help with their training needs!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

May 2017 clients

May was a really fun month filled with puppies and doggies of all kinds. We very much appreciate everyone who worked with us this month, and are looking forward to a busy summer!

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Charlie Rainier and Riley Freddie Mac Snoop Dogg Ludwig Von Beardog Tater Bodhi Avanti Roxy Gryffen Luna Sierra and Bella Betty and Hank Loo Rylee Kirby Zappa Samson Barrett Maybelle Gracie Misty Timmy Huck

Have a wonderful start to your summer!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

May client spotlight: Charlie the Labrador retriever

Congratulations to our May client spotlight, Charlie the Labrador retriever!

Charlie is a charmer!

Charlie is a total charmer but he had some issues with meeting new people and reacting to other dogs, which is why his parents contacted us. We formed a plan including TTouch and other methods to help him feel relaxed and grounded, in addition to desensitization and counterconditioning protocols to help him learn that dogs make great things happen, and how to be calm and disengage, instead of fixate and react. He’s progressing by leaps and bounds, and does great in a lot of scenarios! The most challenging is being more calm around his home environment, but he’s getting better everyday at learning that he doesn’t need to bark at the fence or window.

With the wonderful patience and consistency his parents have given to our plans and the process, Charlie is sure to continue to improve and become more confident. This week he started learning how to do nosework, which should be a great enrichment activity for him! He’s been doing great in our setups with head delightful doggy, Jasper, to practice skills, and with his next-door nemesis (wink), a dog that he finds particularly upsetting.

It’s awesome to see how much Charlie and his parents have learned and grown in this process, and we’re very proud of all of them! Thank you for enlisting our help, and for being such great clients.

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

April client spotlight: Luna the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Congratulations to our April client spotlight, Luna the Rhodesian Ridgeback mix!

Luna gives us a big, beautiful smile!

Luna has been doing a blend of services, working with both Courtney and myself on being calm around other dogs and building body awareness, as well as with me solo on honing her manners and other skills to eventually be able to accompany her mother at work. She’s been slaying Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol and Leslie McDevitt’s Look At That technique.

The most challenging part for Luna is containing herself when we come over but she’s getting better at understanding that we do not prefer being jumped at. Using her harness and leash to prevent the jumping and only give attention and rewards when she is sitting or standing consistently is helping her learn better ways of greeting others. We are also working on Relax on a Mat to help with this and overall learning how to better relax herself. Life is exciting, after all!

Luna is a rescue dog and we love working with rescue dogs. All our personal dogs have been adopted from different shelters and as some of you know, I found another dog that I’ve added to my family after searching for weeks for her people. Being able to work with dogs who may have not had the best start, or who would have otherwise been passed along the system or worse, is very enriching for all of us. We love working with dogs with Luna whose winning personalities coupled with great positive reinforcement training; they are our greatest “ambassadogs.” 🙂

Thank you to Luna and her parents for entrusting with us, and for all their hard work and commitment to her. She is lucky to have them, and they her!

Happy Training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

March client spotlight: Tater the Labradoodle

Congratulations to our March client spotlight, Tater the Labradoodle!

Tater is a sweet, eager-to-please pup!

Tater just graduated from our Puppy Preschool and will be starting Finishing School this week. He is a sweet little guy who is learning quickly that calm behaviors (standing, sitting and lying down) get him love, food and attention rather than jumping or whining! He settles down nicely, and has been working on relax on a mat so that he can not only learn how to chill when it’s out, but can use it as a place to greet visitors.

Tater also has a very hip mom who has done a lot of research on training methods and philosophies, and recognizes that the best choice is using positive reinforcement-based methods. She is very consistent, loving and patient with him, and doesn’t let the “advice” of non-professionals sway her from these proven techniques. Every puppy should be as lucky as Tater! What a great world we would live in if all dogs got such a wonderful start.

We really appreciate Tater and his mother choosing us for their personalized, in-home puppy training experience. It’s a real pleasure to work with them, and we are very proud of them!

Thank you, and happy training!
Owner, Delightful Doggies

February client spotlight: Carly

Congratulations to our February client spotlight, Carly the mixed breed!

Carly (L) poses with sisters Snickers (C) and Tootsie (R)

Carly is a mixed breed rescue who landed in a wonderful, loving home with two other rescue dogs, and three rescue kitties. It’s all far too adorable so it’s a wonder we ever get any “work” done. 😉 But in all seriousness, having Carly as a day training client has been extremely fun! Carly LOVES training and is very excited to learn every time I show up.

I did a 12-session day training package with Carly over four weeks to address her bolting out of the front door and having fun playing “keep away.” She was trained to sit-stay on a mat whenever the door was open, as well as working on her come when called, and hand targeting as an alternate way to call her. She’s done a stellar job and her mother has been very good about complying with management to set her up success (installing a gate so she isn’t able to bolt from the front door when we were still in training, and to give mom a break in case she doesn’t feel like ensuring Carly will do the sit-stay). Mom has also been great at practicing training techniques we’ve used to maintain the training.

We’re doing another 12-session package to maintain this training but also work on other items. It’s nice to have weekly visits with Carly and her sisters; while her sisters have not been the main focus during training, they often like to participate in sitting politely for treats, being a distraction for come when called practice, and playing the It’s Yer Choice game together (as well as vying for my attention and giving me wonderful kisses).

Thank you for entrusting me with your training needs!
Owner, Delightful Doggies