Services & Rates

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Sookie and Rufus learn how to leave the spilled kibble instead of get into a quarrel over it!
  • Delightful Doggy Puppy Preschool: This is a four-week course for those who have a new puppy to get help with all the basics of puppy training: housetraining, crate training, bite inhibition, chewing, proper play and socialization tips to get the right start!
  • Delightful Doggy Finishing School: This is the perfect six-week, one-on-one crash course for any type of dog and owner that goes over all the basics of training, manners and obedience cues, as well as having fun with tricks and games, and a customizable final session.
  • Customized Manners & Obedience Training: If our Puppy Preschool and Finishing School programs aren’t quite the right fit, we can build a custom training package for you!
  • Day Training: Too busy to work with your dog on basic obedience and manners training? Have a handful going on and need some additional help with nipping problems in the bud? We can work one-on-one with your dog to make even faster progress!
  • Problem Behavior Training: Got a dog that jumps on everyone? Have too many holes in your yard to count? Is the new pup not taking to crate training very well? We can help coach you through these and many more common dog behavior problems!
  • Behavior Modification: Does your dog bark, lunge and pull on leash when he sees other dogs or people? Is your dog barking at strangers, or the delivery people? Perhaps your dog is destroying things when you’re gone, and you are worried he may be anxious? Or maybe your dog is trying to bite other people or dogs? We use a holistic approach alongside Tender Hands Animal Training to give you the best behavior modification help possible to restore peace and order!

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4 thoughts on “Services & Rates

  1. Hi , I have a 4 year old weimaraner that hates strangers. He jumps and lunges at strangers when on or off leash. Please advise on rates and time available.

  2. Hello. We have a 1 year Old Belgian shepherd mix who has leash aggression and anxiety. What are your rates for behavior modification? Thank you.

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