Behavior Modification

Charlie does some TTouch groundwork to help with learning how to be calm around other dogs

What is behavior modification training? This is training for clients whose dogs are in need of modifying severe behaviors, such as:

  • Fearful/shy/anxious dogs
  • Leash reactivity/aggression
  • Overarousal/overexcitement
  • Resource guarding
  • Dog-dog aggression
  • Dog-people aggression
  • Excessive barking/vocalization due to fear and/or anxiety
  • General anxiety
  • Separation anxiety/isolation distress
  • Problems accepting other people, children, dogs or other animals

How does it work? We work with Tender Hands Animal Training to provide a holistic approach to behavior modification. All clients must complete a training questionnaire prior to booking a consult appointment; the process begins with an initial consult of up to 90 minutes in length to take a full history, make observations and diagnose the problem, as well as give first steps for management and training.

Treatment is then handled in subsequent training sessions based on a package. Training sessions are 90 minutes in length, with Tender Hands Animal Training providing TTouch tools that can help Delightful Doggies be more successful in training with you and your dog. You’re essentially getting two services for the price of what some trainers/behaviorists charge for one! If you have more than one dog, more sessions may be needed than fewer to work adequately with all your dogs.

Value-added services included in your training package:

  • Video of the work during sessions that is helpful for your review, to track overall progress, and to share with other care providers as needed.
  • Follow-up emails after each session with clearly outlined objectives and resources.
  • No additional charge for in-between session support! We welcome your emails, texts and phone calls to answer your questions and hear how well you’re doing so you can be even more successful when we aren’t in person with you!

What does it cost?*

  • Initial consult required for all new clients @ 90 minutes: $185
  • $185 for a la carte sessions or SAVE with packages (all sessions are 90 minutes):
    • $720 for 4 sessions
    • $1075 for 6 sessions
    • $1430 for 8 sessions
    • $1785 for 10 sessions

Our approach has helped many dogs and their people live more harmoniously; contact us to learn what we can do for you!

*A travel fee may apply depending on location as we do travel to you for all training; send us your location’s address along with your inquiry if you need a quote.

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